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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse involves the harmful and excessive use of drugs or alcohol, resulting in detrimental effects on a person's health, relationships, and overall quality of life.


Substance Abuse

Substance abuse therapy helps identify the underlying reasons for abuse and chart a recovery plan.

Substance abuse is defined as the continuous, excessive, and dangerous use of drugs or alcohol, resulting in various negative outcomes. It is distinguished by losing control over consumption, despite being aware of the negative impacts on physical health, emotional well-being, and social functioning.

Treatment options such as counseling, support groups, and medication are designed to assist individuals in uncovering the reasons driving their substance abuse, achieving recovery, and increasing their quality of life.

What are the Symptoms of Substance Abuse?

Sudden and significant changes in behavior, mood, or personality.

Neglecting responsibilities at work, school, or home due to substance use.

Engaging in secretive or deceptive behavior to hide substance use.

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit or reduce substance use.

Increased tolerance levels requiring larger amounts to achieve the same effect.

Experiencing frequent and unexplained financial difficulties.

Neglecting personal hygiene and appearance.

Physical signs such as bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, or tremors.

These signs can vary depending on the individual and the substance being abused. If you are struggling with substance abuse or know someone who is, professional support is just a phone call away.

Why Choose Lifecare Wellness for Substance Abuse?

Engaging in therapy is the first step towards substance abuse recovery

We provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to addressing the causes and challenges of substance abuse. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable and compassionate experts understands the drivers of substance abuse, which can be hereditary or situational. We prioritize creating a safe, nonjudgmental therapy atmosphere where clients can openly share their concerns and strive toward recovery.

Lifecare Wellness is dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome substance abuse, rebuild their lives, and achieve long-term recovery.

How Can We Help You Overcome Substance Abuse?

Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support and assistance to individuals struggling with substance abuse. Here's how our services can help:

  1. Assessment and Evaluation: Our experts work to understand the severity and nature of your substance abuse, which helps us develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs.

  2. Treatment Planning: Our team of experts collaborates with clients to execute customized treatment plans that may include therapy, counseling, medication management, and other evidence-based approaches.

  3. Therapy and Counseling: We provide individual, group, and family therapy sessions to address the underlying factors contributing to substance abuse, develop coping skills, and promote sustainable recovery.

  4. Detoxification and Medical Support: We offer supervised detoxification services and medication-assisted treatment for individuals requiring medical assistance to manage withdrawal symptoms and ensure a safe detox process.

  5. Education and Support: We offer educational resources and support groups to enhance understanding of substance abuse, provide a sense of community, and foster ongoing support during recovery.

By combining evidence-based approaches, compassionate care, and a personalized approach, our services empower individuals, promote recovery, and improve the overall quality of life for those struggling with substance abuse.

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