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Emotional Support Animal

A Prescription for Comfort and Assistance

ESA's provide a distraction from symptoms, reducing stress and anxiety.

What is an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

While some believe obtaining an emotional support animal (ESA ) letter begins with finding out how to

register an emotional support animal, this is not the



An ESA is a crucial document tailored to your specific emotional or mental well-being. It's prepared and

signed by a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist, confirming the emotional or mental

support provided by the animal.


This letter is essential for demanding fair housing accommodations as outlined by the Fair Housing


Can't I Just Obtain a Free ESA Letter Online?

Beware of websites offering free ESA letters. Legitimate ESA letters require a professional assessment, including details like the type of emotional assistance provided and the medical condition the animal helps treat.

Ensure your ESA letter comes from a licensed mental health professional with the required information, such as license number, state-issued, and license type, to ensure its validity.

Avoid potential scams and prioritize obtaining a valid ESA letter through legitimate providers.

ESA's provide legal protections under the Fair Housing Act and Air Carrier Access Act

What are the Advantages of an ESA Letter?

  1. Symptom Distraction: ESA companionship helps reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Caring for an ESA also offers numerous daily benefits.

  2. Legal Protections: An ESA letter provides legal protections, allowing individuals to live in "no-pets" housing under the Fair Housing Act and to fly with their ESA in the cabin of an aircraft under the Air Carrier Access Act.

  3. Behavioral Activation: ESAs can act as a social catalyst, promoting increased social interactions and reducing feelings of isolation.

How Long is an ESA Letter Valid? 

The validity of an ESA letter varies. Typically, it's valid for one year from the date of issuance, although some may have shorter validity periods based on individual circumstances.


It's crucial to renew your ESA letter before it expires, following a reevaluation by your mental health practitioner to maintain its legal status and rights for housing and air travel.​

ESA's can act as a social catalyst, reducing feelings of isolation.

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