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Family & Couple Therapy

Family and couple therapy has become essential, especially for issues within a dysfunctional family and couple therapy, as a result of the increased awareness about obtaining professional treatment for mental well-being.

Family Counselling


Family therapy is a structured form of psychological therapy with the goal of enhancing the dynamics of inter-family relationships in order to minimise uncomfortable distress and conflict. It is seen to be a fantastic technique to assist family members in coping with a family member who has an addiction, a health issue, or a mental health condition. 

Family therapists are therapists who concentrate on improving relationships in particular:

They are typically more concerned about what is happening in the family as a whole than one member of it. Depending on the conflicts at hand and the state of therapy to date, a therapist may concentrate on analysing specific prior instances of conflict situations, such as reviewing a prior incident and suggesting alternative ways family members might have responded to one another during it, or they may go straight to addressing the sources of conflict, trying to identify patterns of interaction that went unnoticed.

Couples Counselling

When a couple starts to drift apart, they may discover that their partner has different priorities in life. A spouse may feel "trapped" in a relationship with no way out or there may be infidelity at play. Before going to couples counselling, one spouse must first acknowledge that the marriage is in danger. However, counselling for couples isn't just for sad or troubled ones. There is also non-marital couples counselling available. Regardless of one's marital status, one can use marriage counselling, also known as couple counselling, to strengthen relationships and get to know one another better. Additionally, it can help couples who are engaged or thinking about getting married. The formal name for this is premarital counselling. Before the wedding, this type of counselling teaches couples how to communicate and handle problems more effectively while also "ironing out differences."


Topics We Discuss During Couples Therapy

  • Couples in need of relationship counselling sometimes have poor communication because of fights, criticism, miscommunication, etc.

  • Erectile dysfunction, different sexual preferences, low libido, premature ejaculation, etc. are examples of sexual differences and dysfunctions.

  • Parenting challenges include defiance, learning disabilities, behavioural problems, and issues with children's mental and physical health. Financial issues include debt, poor budgeting, and overspending.

  • One form of substance abuse is addiction.

  • Angry problems.

  • Infidelity

What Takes Place in Family Therapy?


Therapists may speak with the family as a whole, one member at a time, or a combination of the two during a family therapy session. A 50-minute therapy session takes place once a week on average. It may be challenging for some to talk about issues at first, so it's crucial that the family locates a therapist with whom they feel at ease. Before choosing a therapist who best suits their needs, families may test out a few. The number of family counselling sessions required depends on a number of variables, such as the reasons a family is seeking assistance and whether or not family members participate in therapy.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of emotional and mental health conditions.

  • Preparation for treatment psychotherapy for children, couples, and individuals.

  • Therapy for couples, groups, and families.

Why Choose Lifecare Wellness for Family & Couples Therapy?

Lifecare Wellness Center is based on a systemic methodology that addresses the issues that clients bring to therapy in the context of their interpersonal relationships. In order to learn as much as possible about the challenges you're facing and to establish a supportive environment for long-lasting improvement, we encourage patients to include family members or significant others into therapy. We provide support for people dealing with a variety of problems, such as family difficulties, parenting issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, divorce, communication issues, anger management, sex and sexuality issues, grief and loss, and couple/relationship problems. In order to explore your issues, identify any areas where you might be feeling stuck, confront unhelpful patterns, and jointly develop therapeutic goals, our therapists adopt a collaborative approach.

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