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Family & Couple Therapy

Family and couples therapy has become essential, especially in these increasingly complex times. Whether you are a couple or a family, Lifecare provides a safe environment to help you recenter and rediscover the strength of your relationship.

Family Counseling

Lifecare Wellness embraces supporting families and couples in their healing journey.

Family therapy is a structured form of psychological therapy to enhance the dynamics of inter-family relationships to minimize stress and conflict. This formof therapy concentrates on improving the holistic or collective relationship. A therapist may use various approaches, such as  analyzing prior instances of conflict and suggesting alternative ways family members might have responded to one another during. They will also address the root cause of conflict, trying to identify patterns of interaction that might have gone unnoticed. Family or couples therapy can also be a helpful aid in helping a family member who has an addiction, a health issue, or a mental health condition. 

Darlene really helped me today with some family issues. She was very direct and quick to come up with some great solutions."


Jerry M., Lifecare Client

Couples Counseling

Navigating through a new or mature relationship can be challenging. Sometimes individual priorities can make a partner feel unappreciated. Another common challenge occurs when a couple’s growth is stunted. One of the highest forms of commitment that a couple can make, is investing in couple’s counseling. It is an acknowledgment that a relationship is in jeopardy, but that both individuals see a value in identifying the underlying causes, better understanding each other’s perspectives, and working to make things right again.

Lifecare Wellness works to create a low stress, low conflict environment for family and couples therapy.

Issues Addressed During Couples Therapy

  • Arguments, criticisms, and miscommunications often occur when relationships begin to break down. We help couples establish more effective ways to resolve conflicts and communicate productively.

  • Erectile dysfunction, menopause, decreased libido, and sexual preferences can create stress in a relationship. Our therapists can provide counsel or helpful resources to overcome most obstacles.

  • Parenting challenges including child behavioral problems, disabilities, and finances can be other areas of friction.

  • Alcohol or substance abuse, anger management issues, and infidelity are other common sources of conflict.

What Takes Place in Family Therapy?

Lifecare Wellness strives to minimize stress and resolve deep-seeded conflicts that divide families and couples.

Therapists may speak with the family as a whole, one member at a time, or a combination of the two during a family therapy session. A 50-minute therapy session takes place once a week on average. It may be challenging for some to talk about issues at first, so it's crucial that the family works with a therapist that makes them feel at ease, which Lifecare strives to do. The number of family counseling sessions required depends on a number of variables, including the complexity of the issue(s)  being addressed and the willingness of key family members to participate in therapy.

  • Preparation for treatment psychotherapy for children, couples, and individuals.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of emotional and mental health conditions.

  • Therapy for couples, groups, and families.

Why Choose Lifecare Wellness for Family & Couples Therapy?

Lifecare Wellness counseling is based on a systemic methodology that addresses the issues that clients bring to therapy in the context of their interpersonal relationships. In order to learn as much as possible about the challenges you're facing and to establish a supportive environment for long-lasting improvement, we encourage patients to include family members or significant others in therapy. We provide support for people dealing with a variety of problems, such as family conflict, parenting issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, divorce, communication issues, anger management, sex and sexuality issues, grief and loss, and couple/relationship problems. In order to explore your issues, we identify any impasse areas, confront unhelpful patterns, and jointly develop therapeutic goals. Our therapists are deeply committed to a collaborative approach.

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